Author of Paris Undressed: The Secrets of French Lingerie, Kathryn Kemp-Griffin has been living in Paris and working in the lingerie industry since 1990. She started her own lingerie company, Soyelle, which specialized in accessories and beauty products, before founding Paris Lingerie Tours ― the ultimate luxury rendezvous for helping women fulfill their lingerie dreams. In 2009, she founded Pink Bra Bazaar, a charitable organization dedicated to breast health education and supporting women with breast cancer. Born in Canada, she lives in a restored millhouse outside of Paris with her husband, five children, and assorted pets.


An essential guide to every woman who wants to bring a little lace and a whole lot of Ooh La La! into her life. (Jamie Cat Callan, Author of French Women Don’t Sleep Alone)
The book is a surprisingly fun take on the ‘us versus them’ Paris expat experience, and demonstrates that good lingerie ― don’t ever call it underwear ― is part of the cultivation of the sensual that is essential to the French art of living. (Elle Canada)
In the book, Kemp-Griffin essentially offers a mindfulness guide to wearing lingerie the French way. She tells readers how to take a Marie Kondo-like approach to their underwear drawer (though Step 1 is to call it lingerie, not underwear). (Toronto Star)

Paris Lingerie Tours

Paris. The lingerie capital of the world…
Where a whisper of lace, a shadow of mystery,
and the caress of silk make dreams float.

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