A 30-Day Online Program
Feel more aware, more awake, and more alive in your body!
The 30-Day Lingerie Makeover is for women who have always wanted more from their lingerie — and their bodies. Part practical guidance, part fashion design, part breast-health education, part sisterhood, the Lingerie Makeover is a chance to slip into something more comfortable — something proudly and unapologetically you.
The Lingerie Makeover offers a compassionate space to identify your strengths and vulnerabilities. Step out of an industry narrative riddled with stereotypes and marketing gimmicks that undermine your confidence and step in to the awareness, clarity, and power of knowing who you really are.
Transform the way you appreciate, buy, and wear lingerie, and most importantly, learn how to curate a lingerie wardrobe to live fully within the sensuality of the moment — no matter the occasion.
Composed of semi-weekly one-hour sessions (via Zoom) and weekly thirty minute one-on-one consultations, you'll learn:
• How Lingerie Can Radically Change How You Feel About Your Body
• The History and Significance of French Lingerie
• How to Develop a Self-Care Ritual Through Lingerie
• 3 Tips to Become Your Own Bra-Fitting Expert
• Your Unique Lingerie Personality
• 7 Lingerie Faux Pas
• How to Embody the Luxury of Lingerie Without A Luxury Lingerie Budget
• Step-by-step Best Practices For Curating Your Lingerie Collection
In addition, participants will also create their own Lingerie Journal. This journal plays an integral part of the process to explore the complex world of sensations, textures, feelings, and emotions.
PLUS, you'll also receive:
Access to a Private Members-Only & Online Community
Guided Meditations
Inspired Readings & Resources
 * Breast Health Workshop to learn how to practice a breast self-exam
 * Garter Belts and Stockings Atelier with Special Guest Julia Palombe
 * Signed Copy of Paris Undressed & Handmade Garter Bookmark




ZOOM Sessions
September 15, 17, 22, 24, 29; October 1, 6, 8
6pm - 7pm (Paris time)
BONUS Garter Belt & Stocking Workshop
October 8th
7pm - 8pm (Paris time)
BONUS Breast Health Workshop
October 1st
7pm - 8pm (Paris time)
ONE-ON-ONE Sessions
(time slots to be confirmed)
September 14, 21, 28; October 5
The price of The Lingerie Makeover is 575 euros
I can't wait to fall in love with me!

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What you can look forward to...
• 10 Class Hours
• 2 Hours of One-On-One Consultations
• Access to a Private Members-Only & Online Community
• Guided Meditations

• Inspired Readings & Resources
• Access to Private Facebook Group




Hi, I'm Kate, and it would be an honour to be your advocate & Lingerie Makeover Guide. I've brought together my experience as an author, lingerie expert, entrepreneur, mindfulness teacher, breast health educator, and mother of five to create this integrative program to help you embody your ultimate sense of self. We'll laugh, we'll cry, and I'll take care of you every step of the way. xo