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Author and lingerie expert Kate Kemp-Griffin guides women to celebrate and enjoy the full expression of themselves through their bodies. Her book Paris Undressed: The Secrets of French Lingerie inspires women to explore the language of lingerie and to find harmony through their mind and through their body — both dressed and undressed.
This is the lingerie paradox: By focusing on how you feel in your lingerie instead of how you look, you will improve your body image… without changing your body.
Through her lingerie tours, workshops, and retreats, women learn to celebrate how they feel rather than judge themselves by how they look. By moving into calm and stillness through meditation and creating sensorial experiences using lingerie, women cultivate vitality and beauty with renewed confidence.

A 30-Day Online Program
Feel more aware, more awake, and more alive in your body!
The 30-Day Lingerie Makeover is for women who have always wanted more from their lingerie — and their bodies. Part practical guidance, part fashion design, part breast-health education, part sisterhood, the Lingerie Makeover is a chance to slip into something more comfortable — something proudly and unapologetically you.
The Lingerie Makeover offers a compassionate space to identify your strengths and vulnerabilities. Step out of an industry narrative riddled with stereotypes and marketing gimmicks that undermine your confidence and step in to the awareness, clarity, and power of knowing who you really are.
Transform the way you appreciate, buy, and wear lingerie, and most importantly, learn how to curate a lingerie wardrobe to live fully within the sensuality of the moment — no matter the occasion.

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French Lingerie & Wellness Retreats

We are all designers of our own femininity and sensuality.
— Paris Undressed

Moulin de l’Enclos

Explore how to harness your feminine energy and build confidence through the lens of lingerie — not the frilly, partner-pleasing kind — by creating a deeper connection to the vitality and spirit of your body. The French expression bien dans sa peau means “to feel good in one’s skin” and at the French Lingerie & Wellness Retreat you will find harmony and balance to lead a more inspired life — both dressed and undressed.
The French Lingerie & Wellness Retreat is open to women of all ages, body types and passions. Through guided meditations, creative workshops, one-on-one consultations, journaling, and guided tours of the confidential lingerie addresses of Paris, you will shift your perspective of how you see and feel your body and radiate happiness and vitality.
Join Kate, author and lingerie expert, in her restored 500-year-old millhouse in a 15th century village outside of Paris for the ultimate luxury rendezvous just pour toi. Lodging will be provided in a charming Bed & Breakfast.
These private retreats are open to 6 women only.

Paris Lingerie Tours

Paris: The Lingerie Capital of the World

Where a whisper of lace, a shadow of mystery, and the caress of silk make dreams float. Paris Lingerie Tours is the ultimate luxury and an unusual alternative to regular tourist attractions. Discover the lingerie temples of Paris and learn why French women wear garter belts as well as a few other seduction secrets.


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Paris Undressed: The Secrets of French Lingerie
2016, House of Anansi Press
Illustrated by Paloma Casile
Hardcover: 320 pages
Translated and available in Japan, Czech Republic, Poland
French women seem inherently more confident in their bodies, able to embrace the sensuality of life and love. What’s their secret? Lingerie.
Yet, despite an insatiable curiosity for all things French, most women still find lingerie an enigma, a tangled mélange of silk and lace, and are confused about how, when, and where to wear it. (Hint: it’s not just for special occasions.) Many aspire to having a drawer full of silky, lacy undergarments, but have no idea where to start: How should my bra fit? How exactly do I wear a garter belt? Do bras and panties always have to match?
Paris Undressed goes behind the seams, combining cultural references, expertise, and practical advice to inspire every woman to reconsider her underwear drawer.


"The book is a surprisingly fun take on the ‘us versus them’ Paris expat experience, and demonstrates that good lingerie ― don’t ever call it underwear ― is part of the cultivation of the sensual that is essential to the French art of living.”

Elle Canada

"An essential guide to every woman who wants to bring a little lace and a whole lot of Ooh La La! into her life."

Jamie Cat Callan
Author of French Women
Don’t Sleep Alone

“In the book, Kemp-Griffin essentially offers a mindfulness guide to wearing lingerie the French way. She tells readers how to take a Marie Kondo-like approach to their underwear drawer (though Step 1 is to call it lingerie, not underwear).”

Toronto Star

“[Paris Undressed] gives detailed information and tips on how to find the right bra for you, but also approaches the topic of lingerie in a much different language than we're used to hearing. Namely, it's not about sex, but rather it's about feel.”

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Author, entrepreneur and women’s advocate, Kate has been living in Paris and working in the lingerie industry since 1990. At ease with initiating and coordinating high-impact programs and staging publicity events, she started her own lingerie company, Soyelle, which specialized in accessories and beauty products, before founding Paris Lingerie Tours — the ultimate luxury rendezvous for helping women fulfill their lingerie dreams.
Published in 2016, her book Paris Undressed: The Secrets of French Lingerie goes behind the seams, combining cultural references, expertise, and practical advice to inspire every woman to reconsider her underwear drawer. In response to requests to expand the conversation, Kate created the Lingerie Makeover and a series of French Lingerie & Wellness Retreats for women to explore the language of lingerie and to find harmony through their mind and through their body — both dressed and undressed.
After a routine mammogram detected early-stage breast cancer in 2009, Kate founded Pink Bra Bazaar, a charitable organization dedicated to breast health education and supporting women with breast cancer. Its highly visible awareness programs use the power of the bra as a symbol for breast health and a catalyst for change.
Born in Canada, she lives in a restored millhouse outside of Paris with her husband, five children, and assorted pets.
Kate has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Princeton.





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