“Kate is a gift to the women lucky enough to participate in her workshops. The Lingerie Makeover was an eye-opener for me. I had no idea what to expect and thought I might not be her “ideal client” as I don’t really have a serious lingerie stash and actually stopped wearing a bra during confinement! I couldn’t have been more wrong. Kate is so warm and engaging, and her content is so thought-provoking and intelligently crafted that I couldn’t help being charmed into embracing this intimate circle of women on a journey towards a deeper knowledge not only of the secrets and craft of French lingerie but also of the power and mystique of the (divine) feminine in all of us. I came out of this Makeover with a much fuller (and ever growing) lingerie drawer and a true appreciation and gratitude for my sensual side. Thank you, dear Kate, for this weekly rendez-vous with kindred sister souls”