Ayn, Paris

“Kate is a gift to the women lucky enough to participate in her workshops. The Lingerie Makeover was an eye-opener for me. I had no idea what to expect and thought I might not be her “ideal client” as I don’t really have a serious lingerie stash and actually stopped wearing a bra during confinement! … Read More

Aisha, Bahrain

“I stepped into this course not knowing what to expect, I walked out of it feeling fully in my power. The course added knowledge and experience to my life in a beautiful judgement free space. It allowed me to shift perspective to the way I view lingerie and myself and brought enjoyment and a sense … Read More

Leslie, North Carolina

“The Lingerie Makeover was a life changing experience for me. Meeting and working with Kate and the ladies in our group opened me to a new awareness of myself, my body, and the depth of my own individuality. The bonus is that I can now curate a lingerie collection that reflects me perfectly. Bravo and … Read More

Anita, France

“A colorful, informative and stimulating journey through our lingerie drawers and out to a world of deeper understanding of our intimate wardrobe choices, our femininity and our self knowledge. Conducted with compassion, humor and loads of practical advice, Kate is an advocate of helping women take better care of their bodies and minds. Brava, Kate! … Read More

Ingi, South Africa

“Words cannot describe how utterly delightful this course was, both in course content and facilitation offered by Kate, who created a mindful and safe space for a very diverse group of women to share experiences and explore the topic. Not only did it get me to address old narratives around self-representation (hence being left with … Read More

Charis, London

“The Lingerie Makeover was more than just talking about lace, satin, pretty bras, and sensuality. The programme delved deep into many of the concerns we have as women when it comes to our bodies and our uneasiness when it comes to lingerie. The sessions gradually revealed these layers and helped us heal those layers in … Read More

Sharon, Los Angeles

“The Lingerie Makeover gives so much more than you’d imagine. I’m excited about all the ways I have renewed my love for myself, my sensuality and my body. You will never regret this experience.”